Specialized Hospitals

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria

The hospital was re-opened in July 2015, it provides its medical service 24 hours a day through several surgical specializations internal medicine, intensive care unit, emergency unit and pediatrics department.

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria.

The work in the hospital started in December 2012. The hospital receives varieties of both civil and war injuries. Surgical operations cover all disciplines including general, orthopedic, vascular, urological and reconstructive surgeries. In addition to the Maxillofacial, ENT and ophthalmology surgeries.

Currently, ER and surgical department were stopped since the 3rd of July 2015; and it was kept on the ophthalmology department.

  • Medical staff: 25
  • Beds: 22

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria.

The hospital provides maternal and child health services including a neonatal unit.

  • Medical staff: 58
  • Beds: 17
  • Neonatal Incubators: 5
  • Operations rooms: 1

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria.

The inpatient department in the hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, besides outpatient consultation services and psychosocial support.

  • Staff: 51 (including 3 psychiatrists)
  • Beds: 165

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria.

The center provides renal dialysis services for patients with acute and chronic renal insufficiency, with regular and emergency medications. In addition, the center provides the required laboratory tests for patients in Tel-Refaat sub-district and in some nearby villages.

  • Staff: 10
  • Beds: 7

Location: Aleppo Northern Countryside, Syria.

This medical point provides first-aid services to the inhabitants of Deir Jamal and surrounding villages.

  • Staff: 8

Location: Rural Damascus, Syria.

In coordination with Zeid Ibn Thabet association, the hospital provides variety of services including emergency services, outpatient clinics in different specialties, reproductive health and different surgical specialties.

  • Staff: 68
  • Beds: 24

Location: Southern countryside of Damascus, Syria.

It consists of a hospital and emergency units in addition to health centers and a central pharmacy. It is a joint project with SDI organization and the Public Medical Authority in Southern of Damascus.

Shahid al-Mihrab Hospital in Yalda: At the beginning of 2015, the hospital was re-activated and was fully equipped, it consists of six sections including general surgery, gynecology, and head & neck surgery, in addition to the department of Internal medicine and radiography, and ambulance unit.

  • Staff: 70

Al-Qadam Surgical Hospital

  • Staff: 11

Emergency Units: they work on reducing the burden on field hospitals through patient care and providing primary treatments.

  • Babbila Unit: staff: 12
  • Beit Sahm Unit: staff: 6

Dispensaries and Health Centers: It offers a preview of patients and dispenses medicine free to them, targeting basically women and children.

  • Yalda health center.
  • Yalda obstetrics center.

Central Pharmacies:

  • Yalda health center’s Pharmacy.
  • Shahid al-Mihrab Hospital’s Pharmacy.